Wifi Enabled Printer/Copiers Can Improve Office Efficiency

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Published: 21st March 2011
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Using Wifi (wireless fidelity) enabled devices such as printer/copiers can eliminate many of the cables that connect computers and various other devices.

It makes it possible to connect to the internet from any location and from a laptop, notebook or PC and can be useful in offices where staff have to do a certain amount of travelling either between different company offices or out on the road visiting clients and then needing to update company records and print out documents.

If they havet o carry a laptop or notebook it saves reconfiguring the equipment to access the internet at each location.

Many printer/copiers are now supplied capable of using wireless technology, so that they can be connected quickly into the office network.

Using a notebook or laptop in combination with a wifi enabled multi-function printer/copier, therefore, can provide flexible and arguably more efficient working.

The decision on whether to install a multi-function printer or have separate devices for printing, fax, document scanning and photocopying depends on a company's activities, how often the various devices are going to be used and by how many people.

Using a wireless multi-function printer that can be accessed by many more staff cuts down on the amount of equipment that has to be installed in an office and therefore also on costs. Many office machine suppliers also offer additional software to allow a company to customise workflow in the way that suits their operation best.

The absence of cables is also helpful for complying with health and safety requirements in work places, since it eliminates trip hazards and can also cut down on cable installation and maintenance costs.

No only offices benefit from the flexibility of a multi-function printer with wireless technology. In a busy school or college there are always documents needed, from lesson plans and reference materials for students, to mail-outs to parents and posters for notice boards.

Hotels too enjoy the versatility of such systems to keep their costs down by printing - menu cards, wine lists, banners, brochures, direction and information notices in-house to high standards to keep down costs.

There are some considerations to bear in mind when a business is using a wifi system, the most important of which is confidentiality. Since the system depends on radio frequencies it needs to be installed with password protected access to prevent any passer by outside being able to access the system.

Other issues that have very occasionally been reported with wifi systems are that they can be affected by climate conditions such as thunderstorms.

However, generally the benefits and convenience of wireless technology for allowing staff access to fewer machines with greater efficiency and without the miles of cable that were a feature of the previous generations of office IT systems far outweigh the occasional problem.


There are many benefits for a mobile workforce supplied with laptops and notebooks if their company offices have installed Wifi enabled printer/copiers at their office bases. By Ali Withers, on behalf of Firstcopy, East Anglia.

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