Visualise Your Dreams and Deflect Negative Energy With Labradorite

Published: 26th September 2011
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While human beings have always been attracted to different gemstones both for use in jewellery and in ornaments and buildings it may be more than their decorative qualities that has given them such enduring appeal.

It is also believed that many gemstones have healing or energising properties and it has also been shown that people react strongly to different colours, even if they don't consciously realise that they are doing so.

A particularly unusual stone that has useful qualities in the office is labradorite. This stone with its at first sight grey or black colour has hidden depths and labradorite pendants or a labradorite necklace are eye catching because when the wearer moves the stone reveals flashes of a range of iridescent colour.

It is perhaps this fiery quality that has led to its being associated with an ability to deflect negative energy. Some crystal therapists and healers advise that it can be particularly useful in the office to deflect unwanted negativity, a property also associated with smoky quartz.

They advise placing a piece of the stone on the desk, particularly in an open plan office, can deflect its user from the unwanted vibrations of malicious gossip and negativity from surrounding colleagues.

Wearing labradorite bracelets may also be a useful way of protecting oneself as you move around.

Another option is to hold the stone for a few minutes while asking it to form a protective barrier around you to prevent your energy field from becoming depleted. It is a good idea to clean the stone regularly to keep it working at its highest level. This usually means holding it under running water for a while.

Labradorite is also believed to have properties that can help with healing of particular ailments in the body. Hold a piece of labradorite in the hands for a few moments before placing it on the stomach for up to ten minutes and it can help stomach pain to subside. The stone can be kept in place longer if necessary. It is also helpful for relieving PMS and menstrual cramps as it is believed to be able to balance hormone levels.

Labradorite can also be used for positive visualisation and works on the third eye chakra. The technique involves visualising whatever the person dreams of that seems impossible, whether that is moving to another country, or learning a particular skill or craft.

The technique is to sit in a quiet room, holding the stone and with the eyes closed. The next step is to visualise whatever the dream is to fix it firmly in the subconscious. Visualise the dream in as much detail as possible as it it were already happening. Next step outside of the scene and look back in on it before returning to being part of it.

With the help of labradorite to increase the powers of visualisation and increase the spiritual connection it seems it is possible to help miracles to happen.


Wearing a labradorite pendant can protect from negative energy and help you visualise your dreams. By Jude Smith.

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